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Lexander gundogs


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Hope, or mother, as she is affectionately called was born in 1997. She has bred 3 excellent litters of puppies from which we kept Hannah, Molly and now also Amber, from all of her 3 litters. 

She is a very powerful bitch, who will pace herself to last all day and has a fantastic nose for game - which she passes on to her progeny, along with her sweet nature.

She comes from a long line of working/trialing stock.
I learnt in the early years - to trust her nose! 

Hope throws a lovely stamp of puppy, the bulk of whom have gone on to trailling or working homes, both within the UK and abroad.

She is a lovely dam and we always used FTW Bellever Simon as her stud dog - who is not only very talented & very handsome, but also shares her wonderful temperament & game finding ability.
They have given us a lovely line of labradors, which we hope to do justice to.  We have 3 lovely daughters from them ourselves, who we hope will continue to enjoy themselves in the field and do their parents justice.

Hope will  go on to enjoy her retirement from motherhood and will just enjoy herself, as part of our picking up team & part of our family, both in the field & at home. 
She has been a fantastic dog for us, very much loved & will hopefully have a long and happy retirement with us - although she is still as fit and has as much drive as her daughters in the field.

A typical Hope dog puppy, age just 12 months