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Lexander gundogs


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Molly is bred exactly the same as Hannah. We were so pleased with Hannah's litter, we saw no reason to change anything.  As you can see she has the typical powerful build to enable her to work a full day in the field and has the kind and biddable temperament that we would expect from her breeding.

She is now 2 1/2 years old and her training is progressing well. She joined her dam and sister in the field last shooting season and proved her retrieving ability!. Just a gentle introduction but she's going to be a valuable addition to the team over the coming years.
Molly has now become a mother to 4 beautiful sturdy pups, delivered on the 3rd of December 2003.  She has Hannah's natural mothering instincts and is very proud of her new family. 

All of our puppies are well socialised, bold and outgoing. We believe in giving them lots of human contact from a very early age, which in turn gives us a lot of pleasure and them an inbuilt confidence in both humans and the world!

Polly - litter mate
Polly has had a superb 1st season shooting and gained lots of admirers!.

Puppies due early December 2003

another molly sibling and showing a keen retrieving instinct

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